All of our devices are Made in the USA


"To provide competitive golfers with innovative and long lasting products that can be used in any golf environment to continually improve one's game."

5 Dudes Golf 

5DudesGolf aims to provide innovative putting aids that target the bad habits most golf players fall victim to. The company’s initial product, called PGS (Putting Gate System), will provide a system players can use to monitor and improve their faulty putting habits. 

The PGS is expected to be very popular with any golfer looking to improve their game, as it is simple to use and fixes most common putting habits. The technology used in the PGS allows the player to practice any putt while receiving prompt feedback to correct body alignment, ball position, swing path, etc. Additionally, it is small enough to be stored in a golf bag at all times with minimal added weight. 

Our putting aid technology allows us to do what traditional putting aids cannot. We give the player an opportunity to hit any distance or slope of putt while having a sight line above the ball and putter head. There are also no alternate surfaces the player has to putt off of and no more bending over than necessary. Traditional putting aids have not found a way to combine these attributes into a single putting aid limiting the different ways an aid can be used to practice. 

5DudesGolf plans to keep adding innovative products to coincide with the high standards we created when producing the PGS.