Distance: 15 - 20 ft

Find a putt with a good amount of break in it. Attach the 2 1/2 gate at the end of the alignment stick. Place your golf ball under the stick so that your eyes are directly over it. You will need to hit a few putts to make certain you have the correct line. Adjust if necessary, and then place the 3 1/2 gate 6 ft in front of the first gate. Stroke a few putts before placing the 4 1/2 gate 4 ft short of the hole.

Take into consideration that you are creating the toughest putt possible. Make it fun and don't get frustrated. PGA players only make 15% of their 20 ft putts.  

3-Gate Drill

Distance: 10 - 15 ft

Pick a breaking putt that you must start outside of the hole. Attach the appropriate gate at the front end of alignment stick. Place your golf ball directly under the stick to ensure that your eyes are over the ball. Putt a few and pay attention to the path as the ball travels. Using that knowledge, place another gate (one size larger than the one already in use) at the apex of the putt. Adding the second gate forces you to combine the perfect speed with the correct putting stroke. It also trains your eyes to better read greens by singling out the putt's apex, as well as, the movement before and after that apex.


Lag Gate Drill

1-Gate Drill

2-Gate Drill

PGA Tour Putting Probabilities

Distance: 4 - 8 ft 

Choose a putt with little to no break and attach appropriate gate at the front end of the alignment stick. Place your golf ball directly under the stick and more towards the red holder. This does two things: (1) allows your eyes to get directly over the golf ball (2) shortens your backstroke to create acceleration throughout the putting stroke. 

This drill is great to check up on your stroke, but don't take it for granted, the 5 ft putt is the single most important distance in putting. We recommend starting with the 1-gate drill until you are consistently stroking it through the gate and into the hole.  

5 Dudes Golf 

Distance: 20+ ft

Choose any lag putt you want. Put the alignment stick into the holder and stick it in the ground pointing towards the intended target. Place the ball towards the middle-front of the alignment stick and roll a few putts to check that the line you have picked out is correct. Take the small gate and attach it to the back end of the alignment rod. This helps in windy conditions and will tilt up the stick to allow for a full putting stroke. We recommend placing either the 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 gate about 6 feet in front of you. Placing the gate further away makes the drill more difficult.