5DudesGolf is a strategically formed group of professional golfers and businessmen who all share the same passion and respect for the game. With their combined expertise and passion, all 5 owners have been collaborating on and off the course for many years; giving this company a cohesive dynamic unlike any other. 

The 5DudesGolf group includes a PGA Professional, a professional golfer pursuing a career on the Champion’s Tour, and three businessmen/golf enthusiasts all working together for a common goal – to improve their performance, especially in the most critical aspect; putting.

The idea of the Putting Gate System (PGS) evolved when the professional golfer sought the expertise and knowledge of the PGA professional who specializes in putting. Together, they immediately began working on a solution and focused their energy to create a putting aid now known as the PGS. Over a long period of time the PGS was perfected and they experienced first-hand the instant and consistent results. Knowing they were on to something, they approached the businessmen who quickly recognized the need, benefit, and potential. The 5Dudes unanimously agreed the putting aid was a winner. 

We, as a company, hope that each of our customers who share in our love and passion for the game will try the PGS. There is no other product on the market. Achieving results is crucial in the game of golf, and we continuously receive positive player feedback. 5DudesGolf understands the struggle golfers experience on the green and hope you will give the PGS a try.  Whether you are a novice, or ready to take your career to the next level, the Putting Gate System is the answer you’ve been looking for.

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